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Do You Know How to Fix a Broken Project?

Smart project leaders absolutely know how to fix a broken project.  They know when a project needs a jump start, an upgrade, to be turned around, or to be shutdown.

The More Complex a Project the Faster You Must Act

For most complex and mission critical projects, there is no time to wait and see how things will play out. Project leaders team members need to act before it is too late. You must bring the project team together, conduct a mid-term project postmortem, and figure out the next critical steps to recover and redirect priorities to get your project and your project team back on track

Three Verified Tips to Fix a Broken Project

Here are three verified tips on how to fix a broken project when the bottom has fallen out…

Be Straightforward

It is far better for you as project leader to honestly uncover and acknowledge the worst than to have others fill in the blanks.  Lay out the current situation, articulate the complications you face, and be ruthlessly clear about the implications of not meeting project budget, quality, or schedule expectations.

Be Transparent

Transparently share the news with the entire project team and encourage questions, reflection, and debate. Approach the problem not by assigning blame but by looking at possible solutions and areas for improvement that make sense within your specific organizational and team culture.

The timely flow of information across the organization to all project stakeholders is a key to managing project expectations.

Be Inclusive

As in any productive brainstorming and continuous improvement session, be sure you solicit ideas from all project team members and stakeholders – not just the more vocal. You need to hear from all levels, all functions, and all perspectives.

An all-hands collaborative approach is the best way to turn around a troubled project.

The Bottom Line

Too many projects fail to meet original expectations or success criteria.  As soon as any project warning signs appear, be straightforward, be transparent and include key stakeholders in turning your project around.