COBIT® 2019 Certification Training

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 01 – Course Introduction
Course Introduction
Learning Objectives
Enterprise Governance of IT
Benefits of IT Governance
COBIT as an IT Framework
Intended Audience
What is Cobit and what it is not
Cobit 5 VS C bit 19
Cobit and Other Standards

Lesson 02 – Principles
Learning Objective
Governance System Principle
Governance Framework Principles
Key Takeaways

Lesson 03 – Governance Systems and Components
Learning Objectives
Overview and Product Architecture
Government and Management Objective
Focus Areas
Design Factors
Goals Cascade
Summary and Key Takeaways

Lesson 04 – Governance and Management Objectives
Learning Objectives
COBIT Core Model
Governance and Management Objective Description
Design High Level Information
Goals Cascade
Summary and key Takeaway

Lesson 05 – Performance Management
Learning Objectives
Performance Management definition and Principles
Performance Management Overview
Capability and Maturity
Manage Performance of Processors
Summary and Key Takeaways

Lesson 06 – Designing a Tailored Governance System
Learning Objectives
Impact of design Factors
Designing a Tailored System
Summary and Key Takeaways

Lesson 07 – Business Case
Learning Objectives
Business Case Introduction
Business Case Component
Summary and Key Takeaway

Lesson 08 – Implementation
Learning Objectives
Implementation Guide
Design and Implementation Guide Relationship
Summary and Key Takeaways
Lesson 09 – Foundation Exam
Foundation Exam


PRICE: $2,499 per participant