EVMW™ Earned Value Management Worker™ || 3 Days || $3,999 per participant

EVMW™ Earned Value Management Worker™ credential certification program is an intensive project control, project management and Earned Value Management (EVM) skills and competencies building program designed to develop the basic knowledge base of EVM and project personnel in the application of project management, project control and earned value management theory utilized on projects. Numerous practical examples, case studies and best practices are used throughout this program

Outline, Curriculum & PDUs


Module 1: Introduction to Project Management, Project Control and Earned Value Management

  • Discuss what is Project Management, Project Control and Earned Value Management (EVM) ?
  • Explain why Project Management, Project Control and Earned Value Management are essential to project success.
  • Explain the triple constraints in Project Management.
  • Discuss the importance for Project Management Office (PMO) establishment

Module 2: Project Life Cycle

  • Explain the project life cycle concept.
  • Describe the importance of stakeholders.
  • Discuss the types of organizations.

Module 3: Key Project Management Processes

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring & Controlling
  • Closing

Module 4: Managing Project Scope & Definition

  • Discuss Scope Planning; Work Breakdown Structure (WBS); work decomposition.
  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS); organizational chart
  • Discuss Scope creep and the Change management and change control process.

Module 5: Managing Project Time

  • Discuss Project Time Management Processes.
  • Discuss Basic Scheduling Processes and Concepts
  • Discuss Scope Management Plan development

Module 6: Earned Value Management (EVM) & Project Control

  • Performance Measurement Baseline establishment.
  • Earned Value Management Theory, Concepts and Analytics
  • Earned Value Management application
  • EVMATOM® Earned Value Management Accountability, Transparency and Oversight Matrix®

Module 7: Quality Management & Managing Project Quality

  • Project Quality Management processes
  • Quality Management Tools
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Audits

Module 8: Risk Management & Managing Project Risks

  • Risk Management Theory, Concepts and Analytics
  • Risk Management Processes
  • Risk Management Planning
  • Risk Control and Monitoring

Module 9: EIA 748-D Earned Value Management Industry Standards Application & Implementation

  • 32 Criteria of the EIA 748-D Industry Standard explained in detail.
  • Objective evidence for each of the 32 criteria is discussed and examples are given.

Module 10: Earned Value Management Mandates and Trends

US Federal Government Earned Value Management mandates


At the end of Day 3, all EVMW™ participants will complete a two hour examination

Ten questions are given and the passing grade of 80% is required to earn EVMW™ Earned Value Management Associate™ certification.


24 Professional Development Units (PDUs) is awarded for EVMW™ certification completion. All EVMW™ certifications must be renewed every 3 years


$3,999 (USD) per participant


3 Days


EVMW™ certification training program is interactive and offered online (virtually) via ZOOM with a Live Instructor to participants around the globe across all time zones

EVMI® Earned Value Management Institute® is the Trusted Authority in Earned Value Management (EVM), Project Management and Project Control Training & certification around the globe



EVMW™ Earned Value Management Worker™ certification || 3 Days || $3,999 per participant || This class requires 250 registered participants for a total cost of: $999,750.00


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