Agile ScrumMaster (ASM®) Certification & Training

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 01 – Course Introduction
Introduction to ASM
Lesson 02 – Agile way of thinking
Agile Concepts
Agile Manifesto and Principles
Scrum Overview
Lesson 03 – Scrum Roles, Events and Artifacts
Responsibilities and Commitment of Scrum Master
Responsibilities and Commitments of the Product Owner and Team members
Evolution of existing team roles into Scrum roles
Scrum events and artifacts
Lesson 04 – Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring, and Control
Writing and Maintaining the Product Backlog
Planning releases and sprints based on business value
Units and techniques used in agile estimation
Tracking and Communicating Progress
Staying in Control of projects
Lesson 05 – Other Methods and Frameworks
Extreme Programming

Lesson 06 – Complex Projects
Transition plan for Agile transformation
Towards self-organization
Physical and cultural changes needed
Lesson 07 – Adopting Agile
Introducing Agile to the organization
Self-management and whole team responsibility
Changes needed to the organizational ecosystem to support agility


PRICE: $2,499 per participant