ChSPO™ Chief Schedule & Planning Officer™


The ChSPO™ Chief Schedule & Planning Officer™ curriculum has been designed by a number of internationally recognized professionals from the field of project scheduling, time management, project control, risk management, quality management, project management, earned value management, risk, economics, business, finance, information technology, engineering, and government.

With its newly revised program, the ChSPO™ Chief Schedule & Planning Officer™ formula is challenging, rewarding and exciting for all executives regardless of their industry domain or solution delivery. The curriculum will have a lasting effect on the way you manage risks and quality on your projects at an executive and senior management level, and provide you with applicable knowledge to see your projects successfully through start to finish, without schedule delays and cost overruns

ChSPO™ Chief Schedule & Planning Officer™ credential certification curriculum consists of TEN modules delivered from Day 1 through Day 5, and the modules are namely: (1), ChSPO™     Project Controls Strategy, Execution, Management, Accountability, Transparency, Oversight & Leadership  (2), ChSPO™  Project Organization, (3), ChSPO™ Planning and Schedule Management (4), ChSPO™ Risk Management & ISO 31000 Risk Industry Standards (5) , ChSPO™  EVM EIA 748-D Earned Value Management System (EVMS) Industry Standards (6), ChSPO™ Quality Control & ISO 9001:2015 Quality Industry Standards (7), ChSPO™ Supply Chain Management, Contract Management & Procurement (8) Developing and managing high performance and diverse project scheduling teams. (9), Managing Changes and Complexity. Controlling Fraud, Abuse, Waste, Neglect & Negligence (10). Agile Project Management and Control


PRICE: $24,999 per participant


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