“Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is an excellent teacher and instructor and he coached me throughout the class on various topics to include the EIA 748-C Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) industry standards and best practices, project management, contract management best practices, risk detection, quality control, change control and management, stakeholder management, resources management and resources utilization.”

Dr. Kara Lynn Lewis, PhD, MBA, MS, BS, EVMP®, EVMP – Government™, EVMD/EVMO™, ChPCO™, CRQO™
Associate Director at Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Maryland, USA

“Professor Kwaku Akyeampong (EVMP® Instructor) was excellent at supplying the class with real life examples and experiences, which helped me to understand how better to adapt the EVM practices into my own program. I’d recommend this class to anyone working on projects. The information that I gained regarding the processes involved in tracking a project accurately and to identify the status and progress has been invaluable.”

Ms. Kari Jones, BA, MBA, EVMP®, EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™
Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton in Michigan, USA

“Taking the EVMP® training as a management team provided value from day one. As the program progressed, we began using a common lexicon to describe our programs, projects and quality initiatives. It brought us closer as a team, and has provided a commitment to providing Earned Value Management (EVM) to our internal and external customers. We look forward to ongoing EVM training and certifications from EVMI®. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, EVMI® President teaches from the heart and his passion is infectious, and the classes are enjoyable and motivational! Thanks Kwaku – we look forward to immediate results”

Ms. Suzanne Magee, BA in Communications, CISSP, EVMP®
Founder, President & CEO at Techguard Security®, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Professor Kwaku Akyeampong is a wealth of knowledge on not just Earned Value Management (EVM) but also on project management as a whole. The concepts and ideas I learned will make a huge positive impact on my projects once I can fully implement them. I recommend this class to anyone looking for additional knowledge in Earned Value Management (EVM)”

Mr. Derrick Sullivan, BS, CGFM, EVMP®, EVMP – Aerospace & Defense™
Senior Analyst at Yulista Aviation, Inc, in Hunstville, Alabama, USA

“Thank you to Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, and the EVMI team for providing a valuable course with direct application to the real world”

Mrs. Jackie Woodson, BS, MS, CISSP, Security+, ITPM™
Senior Software Engineering Manager at Lockheed Martin in Pennsylvania, USA

“Thank you, Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, you are truly a Subject Matter Expert in this area [EVM]. I admire your dedication and passion to EVM and quality. And your stories brought EVM to life!!!. Don’t stop doing what you are doing!”

Mr. Gerald Davis, BS (Electronics & Industrial Technology), MBA, MS in Technology Management, EVMP®
International Program Manager at Northrop Grumman, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“EVMi® provides the connection between theory and practice that all managers and companies need for the delivery of products, services and projects on time and within budget.” “The visibility provided to projects run rates, schedule performance, projected cost and projected delivery is invaluable to success.

The EVMP® instructor, Mr. Kwaku Akyeampong, is both well versed in EVM as well as informative and insightful. His command of EVM is unsurpassed. While the class moves at remarkable speed and the after class time demand is high, you feel enabled, empowered and renewed upon completion. Highly recommended for all project managers and above in any government agency, organization or company. You will be enlightened”

“Wow, EVMi® has changed the way I approach any project, or manufacturing task. I am proud of completing this EVMP® course and am recommending it to other executives within our company and at other professional organizations. Keep up the outstanding work.”

Mr. Ronald Matthews, BS in Systems Engineering, MBA, EVMP®, AS 9100C Qualified Lead Auditor
Vice President at CALCULEX®, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

“The EVMP® course is presented in a way that integrates the target knowledge into each participant’s current working knowledge base. There are plenty of hands-on, practical exercises with immediate feedback. The classroom discussions create information sharing between subject matter experts (SME). There are also opportunities to form study groups and the instructor is available before and after training sessions for as long as is needed/productive. It is truly possible to take away as much knowledge as you can possibly absorb. Concerning presentation, content, and instructor competence [Professor. Kwaku Akyeampong, EVMI® President was my instructor]; EVMI® is far ahead of the rest and sets a new standard of excellence”. “The most valuable aspects of the EVMP® course for me are the: The Stakeholder Matrix – Managing Stakeholders; Professor. Kwaku Akyeampong’s EVMATOM® Matrix for tracking and managing project tasks; and most valuable, the lifetime relationship established with EVMI® for onsite visits, and future mentoring. EVMS implementation seems nearly instinctive to me now.”

Ms. Holly Beckstrom, BS (Information Systems), MS (Instructional Technology), EVMP®, EVMD®, EVMO®
Supervisory Information Technology (IT) Specialist) at United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Washington DC, USA

“The EVMP® Earned Value Management Professional® certification program is about leadership and problem solving based on Earned Value Management (EVM). I am very pleased with the training I received. The international and culturally diverse perspective of the instructor, Professor Kwaku Akyeampong, was a bonus. This takes EVM to a new level”

Mr. Russell Guzek, BS Electronics Engineering Technology, MBA, PMP®, EVMP®, EVMP – IT
Program Director at SAFRAN, USA

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