ChiefProjectsO™ Chief Projects Officer™ certification || 5 Days || $49,999 per participant

ChiefProjectsO™ Chief Projects Officer™ credential certification is a unique and cutting-edge management program for all Chief Project Officers, Chief Products Officers, Chief Program Officers, Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, Senior Managers, Information Technology (IT) Executives, IT Leaders, IT Senior Managers, Engineers, and any for anyone who manages very large and complex projects and programs across any industry and the government space, and are eager to achieve successful senior-level Project and Program management and execution.  ChiefProjectsO™ Chief Projects Officer™ program is aimed at the present and next generation of Projects and Programs Executives and Leaders, Senior Project Managers, Senior Program Managers, IT Engineers, Engineers (all mid-level to senior level) and Information Technology Professionals working for dynamic global firms, businesses, companies and Governmental agencies who need to broaden their horizons in the field and dimensions of successfully managing very large dollar sized complex and rapidly changing projects and programs across the globe

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